The first 3 letters in ‘Anders’ are ‘And’ - meaning duck in Danish. Consequently Duck-zone is the name of the golden land of creativity, founded the day I figured that the pointy end of a pencil contained endless opportunities.

Today, Duckzone is a concept for both industrial design and ‘creation’ in a broad sense. Our modern society, especially in the western world, is often locked up in habitual thinking and narrow shareholder interest which is not always a suitable environment to ask the question – could this not be done in a better way?

For this reason, a relocation to a new market (two years in Beijing, China) or the creation of a new company or business model can be the right answer (co-founder of I-Shine – a innovative eye medicine application concept; co-founder of DLux Design, a new model for design consultancy).

The point is, if the question is good enough: ‘why hasn’t anyone ever thought of…?’ or ‘I have this great idea, but how do I…?’, then I and the people in and around Duckzone can provide the right assistance or advice.

There is nothing that can’t be done!